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Our Team
Ali Taylan Bilik
Ali Taylan Bilik

After Adana Anatolian High School, Ali Taylan graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Industrial Engineering Department. In 2000, he moved into the field of Communication and Public Relations. Between 2006-2012 he taught public relations and writing at Istanbul Bilgi University and was among one of the founders of Turkey's first neuromarketing research company, ThinkNeuro in 2011. He is preparing to present his thesis this year in Cognitive Science at Boğaziçi University.

Esra Şengülen Ünsür
Esra Şengülen Ünsür

After she had completed her undergraduate studies on political science at Marmara University, she devoted herself to social duties and put her heart and soul into NGOs. Soon after she realized that NGOs were not non-governmental enough and looked for private sector. Those who thought talkative people should do public relations encouraged her to seek career in PR sector. While she was enjoying her job demands being dynamic and up to date, she became one of the associates of Artı and that was the point of no return back. Esra is married with 4 kids called Ada, Köpük, Yoda and Moskado.

Jüliet Sanosyan Demircioğlu
Jüliet Sanosyan Demircioğlu

She was born in 1979 in Istanbul. She had a very successful school life; she even graduated the high school with the highest grade. She went to the Public Relations and Publicity Department at Istanbul University in order to follow her childhood dreams despite the fact that she wasn’t able to describe them at that age. She discovered that she wanted to build her own business while shuttling between work and school at the A&B Introduction where she began her professional career. In 2004, she became one of the co-founding partners at Artı Communication Management accordingly her professional dreams. Juliet is married and the mother of a daughter and a son.

Selin Süter
Selin Süter

Selin Süter was born in Bursa in 1975. After graduating from Bursa İnal Ertekin Primary School, Işık Schools and Saint George Austrian High School, she received her undergraduate education at Yıldız University, Department of Economics. In her professional life, she has worked with different institutions across various sectors for more than 20 years. She is one of the founding partners of Artı Communications Management.

Tulga Pınar
Tulga Pınar

He received his bachelor's degree in Boğaziçi University Department of Economics. After five years of experience in the textile sector he had a master's degree in marketing and business development at the University of California. He has experience in the communications field for almost 10 years . He speaks English and French.

Ali Alen Çiftçi

Ali Alen Çiftçi completed his high school education at İzmir Türk Koleji (İTK) and his undergraduate education at İstanbul University, Department of Public Relations and Publicty. After starting his career at Bersay Communication Consultancy, he worked in the creative support teams of TBWA\İstanbul and Medina Turgul & DDB advertising agencies as a Copywriter. He later moved to the corporate side and continued his career as Corporate Communications Director, at Başaran Yatırım Holding and MAKYOL. Afterwards, in leading communication consultancy agencies in Türkiye; he took part in the planning and execution of sustainability and social responsibility projects as well as corporate communication activities in line with the communication strategies of brands such as Allianz Türkiye, Cargill, Coca Cola, Eczacıbaşı Gayrimenkul, Ferrero, Filli Boya and Opet. Currently, he continues his working life at the Artı İletişim Yönetimi agency with a great pleasure of being a part of these goals by contributing to the communication activities of the brands he serves with his commitment to sustainable development goals.

Ayça Recen

Born in 1995 in Istanbul, Ayça graduated from the Department of Sociology at Boğaziçi University, in 2018. While studying at university, she did internships at various companies. After entering the Communications sector with Hill + Knowlton Strategies she changed her professional life by moving to Artı Communications.

Bahar Türkay
Bahar Türkay

I was born in Istanbul in 1986. After graduating in Child Development and Education, I spent a short time teaching before I found myself in the Artı family. I have the sweetest daughter in the World and love animals, in particular cats!

Behiç Çalışkan
Behiç Çalışkan

He was born in Izmir in 1997. Since then, he is full of energy, and channels this energy to the competitive sports and communication. He translated books for various publishing houses, took part in magazine translations after his internship at Aegean Exporters’ Association. He started his new adventure on April 1 in Artı.

Berfin Anastasiya Doğu

Berfin Anastasiya born in Istanbul in 1999, she graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication in 2023 as the third of the faculty. She has been involved in her working life as a Dance Instructor since her high school years. During her student years, she took an active role in various fields of acting, screenwriting, short filmmaking and dance. During her university period, she worked with many production companies as an assistant director. When her interest shifted to the field of Corporate Communication in the third grade, she had the opportunity to work in this sector. As soon as she graduated, she became a part of the Artı Family.


Berfin Anastasiya, who loves to travel, laugh and meet new cultures very much; is a universal person who pursues all kinds of activities that she can multiply with people, loves to live

Beyza Koca

She was born in 1997 in Istanbul. After graduating from Mef High School, she studied at Bahçeşehir University, Public Relations. While studying Public Relations, she also completed the minor program in Advertising. She took an active role in many fields, especially the theater club. She mentored the students who were just starting to PR department. She studied at the International Applied Science School in Berlin for one semester. She loves to travel, laugh and have fun. She goes to plays, musicals and concerts at every opportunity. :))

Burcu Demirdöğen

Born in Istanbul in 1997. Graduated from Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations. During the same period, completed a minor program in Strategic Advertising Planning. Throughout university and in the following years, had the opportunity to work both individually and in teams in the fields of marketing and corporate communications at various institutions and communication agencies in the retail and education sectors. Continues to gain experience in the communication world with the Artı family, where previously interned. Enjoys swimming, reading, and traveling. Attends theater plays whenever possible😊

Ceren Gürein

She was born in 1998 in Izmir. In 2020, she graduated from Yaşar University, Department of Translation and Interpreting. While continuing her education, she worked in various volunteer projects and in different fields. She had the opportunity to turn her hobby into a job and got into book translation. She started her journey in the communication sector at Artı Communications.

Ceren Şenel

Ceren graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Languages and History - Geography in 2002. She has extensive experience in communications field and has worked in many institutions at different positions from assisting the manager to managing people. She has been working at Artı since 2022.

Derya Coşkun

She was born in Izmir in 1984, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, in 2008. 

She started her professional in Dünya, daily economy newspaper of Turkey. She had the opportunity to work at different corporations, both individually and as teams, in areas such as content management, editing, media relations, PR, corporate content, company-specific strategic road maps. She also has a Sociology M.A.. She attaches great importance to developing her talents. She loves exploring new worlds, new people, travel, all Aegean food and Izmir.

Elif Batu Yener
Elif Batu Yener

Elif was born in 1969 in Istanbul and graduated from Uludağ University’s Econometrics Department. She worked as a journalist for over 18 years, at publications including Dünya, Barometre, Finansal Forum and Referans. She has over 4 years of experience in PR. Since September 2011, she’s been working at Arti Communications as a consultant for mostly financial clients including Yapi Kredi and Euler Hermes as well as handling public listing projects.

Emircan Karataş
Emircan Karataş

Emircan completed his high school education by studying Journalism at Tuncay Azaphan Anatolian Communication Vocational High School. He then continued his educational life by studying Journalism at Selçuk University. Following this, Emircan completed his internship career as a page editor at Milliyet Spor during high school and as a Beşiktaş reporter while he was studying in university. He has been working at Artı since April 2017.


Emirhan Eraslan

Born in 2001 in Istanbul, Emirhan studied at Istanbul University, Department of Public Relations and Publicity. Emirhan, who thinks that the best way to learn the profession is to practice, has been involved with agencies since the first year of school and stepped into the sector at an early age. After several agencies, he crossed paths with the Artı family in 2024. Emirhan is interested in sports and history, and his biggest love is Fenerbahçe. Everything about Fenerbahçe is enough to attract Emirhan's attention and make him smile.

Erkin Sar

He was born in İzmir in 1987. He is interested with visual arts since childhood, provide him a carreer in that very same field. He had chance to work with many national and global brands. He likes to play video games and mountain biking alongside watching motorsports and read about history and philosophy.

Ertuğrul Teber

Ertuğrul has been responsible with the production and post-production of numerous songs, video clips and documentaries since January 2018. He directed and shot, along with the independent team he assembled, nine different official video clips for various music production companies and published these clips on platforms such as Muzikplay and Netd.

Ertuğrul stepped into the corporate life in 2019 first as a Videographer in an Istanbul-based digital agency. Then, in another digital agency, he served as the Video Editor of the digital content created by famous Turkey-based production companies such as Acun Medya, TIMS and TAFF. As of 2022, he has been working with Artı İletişim Yönetimi

Fatih Tan
Fatih Tan
Gökhan Celaloğlu

Gökhan started as an intern at TopGear Turkey magazine in 2017. After his internship period, he took part in the photo shoot and YouTube channel content management of Auto Motor Sport, WatchTime Turkey and Boat International Turkey magazines of Fokus Pokus Media company. As of 2021, he met Artı PR, and at the end of 2022, she made a different choice to gain experience in Advertising and Social Media in her career. As of November 2023, she returned to the Artı PR family.

Hüma Babal Kaya

She started her journalism adventure with the stories he wrote for the youth supplement of a national newspaper during her high school years. She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, and has worked as an editor in many media since her studentship years. She turned her career, which he continued as a beauty and style editor in the field of magazines for a long time, to the public relations sector with the pandemic. While continuing to support publications voluntarily, She served as the communication consultant of many brands in the fields of fashion, finance, gastronomy and cosmetics and joined the Artı İletişim family in November 2022. Hüma, who puts writing at the center of her life, strives in every aspect of her life to be able to touch nature, the planet and all living things with compassion.

İpek Özpulluk
Kaan Ege Karse

Ege, born in Bodrum in 1995, loves new and different experiences. After completing his education at Beykent University following Darüşşafaka and American Collegiate Institute, he tried several career paths in his search to find his place in the world. Although he has encountered several misfortunes during his search, he is happy that this road has introduced him to the Artı family. Aviation, water sports and computer games come first among his hobbies.

Kerem Övet
Kerem Övet

After finishing German High School, I graduated from Sabancı University’s Social and Political Sciences department. During my university years, I did internships in various fields such as television, advertising, communications and law. At a point where I was stuck between an academic and a corporate career, as a result of the merit scholarship I received from Leiden University, I found myself doing a master's degree in Crisis and Security Management in The Hague, Netherlands.  During this period, I published two academic articles on Security Studies in international journals. Having for a long time been interested in social media as a hobby in the fields of sports, culture and the arts, on my return to Turkey I began to work in these fields in a professional capacity. I met Artı Communications in August 2020 and joined this family as the son of a father who owns a public relations agency. My biggest pleasure outside of work is to follow basketball and volleyball matches and travel the world whenever possible.

Lusi Çoturoğlu
Lusi Çoturoğlu

She was born in 1973 in İstanbul. She studied Economics despite the fact that she is very much into the literatüre and writing. After working as a financial adviser for a long time; she gave birth to her daughter Dença who she is very much keen on. She backed to business life with Artı. She is the drama queen of the office as much as the problem solver. Her biggest dream is to move an isolated seashore write a book.

Mehveş Güler
Mehveş Güler

I was born in 1981 in Sivas. After graduating from Ankara Gazi University Radio Television Cinema Department, I worked in TV series sets and production companies. I entered the PR sector in 2009 and I have been a member of the Artı family since 2012. I love making TV series and movie marathons, Turkish literature, elephants, olive oil dishes and desserts with sherbet.

Melis Ünsal
Melis Ünsal

Melis was born in Istanbul in 1987. After working as an editor, translator and writer for children's books for most of her business life, she started working in public relations with Artı.  Melis, a Ravenclaw, loves reading books, cats, not taking photos, knitting and boxing.

Meliha Hayal

She was born in 2000 in Izmir. Meliha who took the first step into the field of communication with Yildiz Technical University The Communication Design Department. In this way she got to know the world of design closely. After making sure that she was continue her career in the PR field, she started the Public Relations and Advertising Department in Anadolu University in the scope of the second university. During university she gained work experience in different fields in order to be intertwined with people. Since April 2022 she has been a part of the Artı family where she took a step to get to know the sector before graduating. It must be a habit of living in different place throughout her life, that’s why Meliha likes to discover new places and meet new people.

Mert Yılmaz

He was born in İstanbul. He received his bachelor's degree in Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration. When he completed Erasmus Exchange programme in Denmark, he found himself in media sector. He worked at Milliyet, Sözcü and Cumhuriyet daily newspapers as an editor. After 10 years in media and journalism, he has been joined Artı İletişim family.

Mirza Yarkın Uydaşoğlu

Born in Bartın in 1997, he spent his childhood and youth in Mersin. During university, a sudden decision led him to leave the department he was studying in, and he prepared again for the exams to enter the only place he desired – the Philosophy Department at Boğaziçi University. His interest in philosophy stemmed from a profound curiosity about human communication. After an amazing undergraduate life, he worked in the field of sustainability and the climate crisis. He is now excited to be a member of Artı, his first experience in communication and PR. There was also a period when he was a licensed basketball player, and you can still see him shooting hoops in Abbasağa. Lastly, his favorite films are by Kieslowski, especially 'The Double Life of Veronique'!

Özlem Güller Ünal

She was born in Istanbul in 1979. She graduated from Kocaeli University, Department of Public Relations in 2000. In the first 10 years of her career, she worked in PR agencies, in the other 10 years in brand-corporate communication departments, and in the last 4 years of her career, she worked as a manager in various positions in non-governmental organizations. She attaches importance to re-experiencing the professional experience she has gained in different sectors in every team she joins. She loves observing, researching, learning and sharing. She believes that communication is done from the heart and the magic of words, that's why she always writes and explains with great passion... She is happily moving forward in life with her communicative, music-loving wife and curious son.

Pelin Arslan
Pelin Arslan

As soon as she graduated from Galatasaray University, Pelin took her first step in the field of communication consultancy with Artı, joining the Artı family on 1st June 2016. Thousands of emails, dozens of meetings and hundreds of good moments have been put into the years since that first day, which she started unaware of what will happen, and she continues to accumulate experience. When necessary, she continues her way as a chameleon PR professional who also involves herself in purchasing, finance, event management and all kinds of blueprints & printing.

Seher Saygın

Seher Saygın graduated from IU Technical Sciences Vocational School Radio-TV Department. During her student years, she did an internship at TRT Ankara News Studios. Later, she took on different duties at the Kanal D News Center. In 2002, she turned to the communication consultancy sector with Su PR. After that Seher held different positions in Etica PR and Mercek PR, Essance Communications, Idea PR and Excel Communications, respectively. During her career, she provided communication consultancy services to many brands in the fields of economy, life-style, technology and health in the agencies she worked for.

Seren Aybaş
Seren Aybaş

Born in 1989 and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University in political science, she began work at the events and marketing department of a publishing firm upon graduation. Following a switch to sales she worked in the Middle East and the Caribbean, and travelled extensively across Africa. After her tenure in sales she returned to Istanbul to continue her career in the events department, subsequently organising and managing events in almost twenty countries. In 2017 she settled in the Netherlands, and for a period of three years she worked in corporate communications and customer relations management. Her most recent step- in september 2020 -  was to move back to Istanbul permanently and to join the arti-family.

Simay Yıldız
Simay Yıldız

Born in 1984, Simay completed middle and high school education at Private Eyüboğlu High School. After studying ‘Digital Journalism’ at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, she worked at Omni 2000 Inc. as a production assistant while at the same time pursuing music journalism. Simay’s PR adventure started at Tribeca and continued at Contact Plus, and she joined the Arti team in 2013. Reading everything she can find including directions and ingredients behind shampoo bottles, she has a book blog at Simay likes fairytales and cats, can’t wake up without coffee and listens to music while writing.

Şahika Ferah Algan
Şahika Ferah Algan

During her highly science based education in Izmir Ataturk Lisesi and ITU manufacturing Engineering, Sahika participated in every social club and activity she could. After graduating in 2014 she started an engineering carreer but soon realised her true path lies in public relations, and took her first step in this path in Arti. She is currently living in the world of technology.

Yağmur Durdu

Born amidst the lush greenery of Muğla in the year 2000, Yağmur found herself enchanted by the magic of communication arts, which led her to pursue studies in Public Relations and Promotion at Haliç University. During her university years, she honed her theoretical knowledge into practical skills by serving as an editor for a marketing and communication magazine. Following her editorial adventure, she embarked on a career in a PR agency, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with both seasoned professionals within the industry and academic circles. With a deep love for nature and animals, Yağmur continues to enrich her life with new dimensions by merging her adventurous spirit with a nomadic lifestyle.

Yağmur Özge Öz

While studying at Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, she did internships in various agencies, production and online newspapers. After her undergraduate education, she worked at Turkuvaz Media Group. After about two years of experience here, she moved to the PR sector. She has been in the Artı Family since November 2023. On the other hand, she continues her master's degree with thesis in the Informatics Department of the Department of Journalism at Marmara University. She attended Communication in Social Life and Communication in Business Life courses and received a certificate. She also speaks English and Russian.


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